TOM-Series High-Speed Continuous Sand Mixers
TOM-250 Series Mixer
Standard Features:

  • Foundry Tuff Design
  • Dual, Rear-Hinged Chamber Access Doors
  • 270 Deg Swivel Rotation From Central Axis
  • NexGen2™ Allen Bradley 24 Volt DC Control System
  • A/C Variable Speed Pump Drives
  • No-Calc Mixer Calibration
  • Multiple Resin Setpoints
  • 8-Active Recipe System
  • Calibration Timer (Sand & Resin)
  • Low Sand Interlock stops pump operation if sand supply is interrupted
  • Low Air Pressure Interlock
  • Heavy, rugged construction designed for low maintenance and efficient operation
  • Tungsten-Carbide faced replaceable mixing blades
  • Fully assembled for quick installation

Swivel Base:
All Tinker Omega mixers are mounted to heavy guage steel bases that can be bolted to the floor for stationary operation. Featuring a small floor imprint, each mixer requires little floor space for efficient and economical operation.

Mixing Chamber:
All Tinker Omega sand mixing chambers are made from extremely heavy guage hardened steel to handle the abusive sand conditions on a day-to-day oerating basis. Designed for easy and safe operator access, each mixer features dual rear-hinged chamber doors that can easily be opened without specialized tools for cleaning and maintenance. The rear-hinge door application is standard on all Tinker Omega Sand Mixers.

Direct Drive Mixing System:
The mixing chamber houses the alloy steel drive shaft that holds tungsten-carbide faced mixing blades. The drive motor is direct-coupled to the drive shaft eliminating any external belt or gearing system.

TOM-Series Mixer TOM-Series Mixer
Features Overview Features Overview
270° Swivel Rotation From Central Axis 270° Swivel Rotation From Central Axis