MM-Series High-Speed Batch Mixers
First introduced in 1992, the MegaMixer design is based on over 20 years of batchmixing experience. The high-intensity mixing action of the proprietary mixing chamber, combined with state-of-the-art resin addition options, enables the MegaMixer to provide consistent, repeatable core sand mixing – batch after batch.

  • Rugged Cast-Iron Mixing Bowl
  • Proprietary Discharge Door Design
  • Super-Duty Mixing Spindle
  • Positive Displacement or Volumetric Resin Addition
  • Timed, Volumetric & Load-Cell based Sand Addition
  • Automatic Recipe Selection for Production Flexibility


Model MM-100 MM-300 MM-700
Min Max Min Max Min Max
Batch Sizes (lb) 35 70 120 310 350 700
(Kg) 16 32 55 140 160 320
Aprroximate Cycle Times    42 Seconds       48 Seconds       62 Seconds   

MM-300 MegaMixer Batch Mixer MM-300 MegaMixer Batch Mixer
Rugged Cast-Iron Mixing Bowl Rugged Cast-Iron Mixing Bowl